Does a high protein diet negatively affect blood sugar levels?

As a nutrition conscious medical doctor, I field plenty of nutritional queries about protein within my regular course of practice everyday. There a large number of misconceptions about what particular food types can do once they enter the body. Let us take a look at how a high protein diet affects blood glucose.

Protein naturally originates from many sources (Meat, eggs, beans, legumes, etc.) and finds utilization by numerous regions of our body such as: In the role of enzyme catalysts, transport molecules (Hemoglobin-carries oxygen within our blood), storage molecules (Iron stored as ferritin inside the liver), Major part of muscles, bones, skin, immune function/control, control of cell growth, and a major element of hormones (signaling systems inside our body) with diabetics consuming proteins does NOT affect blood sugars dramatically. (CERTAINLY DOESN’T CAUSE ELEVATIONS IN SUGAR OR FAT STORAGE)

Actually, encouraging a much higher proportion of protein in the diabetic diet or those dieting is likely to lead to weight loss and improved blood sugar level control. Limiting starches, sugars and sweets (especially sodas, fruit juice etc.) coupled with pushing the intake of proteins and certain essential fats remains a mainstay of my diet recommendations.

Some believe that protein have more “Calories” than “Carbohydrates” therefore we should use caution eating them or we’ll get fat. Non-sense. Proteins require greater expenditure of one’s energy to process throughout the digestion process. Proteins are converted into essential parts, used then to build other vital structures and repair the body. The entire process uses energy which results in less body fat deposition.

So, for the diabetic, for the individual at risk of elevated blood sugars or obesity, make sure to increase the proportion of organically derived meats, eggs, legumes to your diet. High quality proteins will help diminish hunger between meals, stabilize levels of insulin and eventually keep more balanced blood sugar control.

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New Low Carb Holiday Side Dishes

You’re seeing results from your lower carbohydrate diet. Now, the holidays are here. It’s possible that reinventing your traditional side dishes is one way to stay on your diet, but wouldn’t it be exciting to find entirely new and interesting sides to commemorate your accomplishment? In regards to side dishes, the sky’s the limit so why not create a completely new menu of side dishes this holiday season. Let’s take a look at some lower carbohydrate sides that just may start brand new traditions in your house.

Stuffing is a dish that has a lot of us falling way off the reduced carb wagon. The thing is to produce a whole new taste sensation so you don’t miss the standard herbed bread stuffing. You’ll want to get creative here. As a substitute for high carb bread cubes, think of using cubes of yellow squash, cauliflower, and lots of celery, onion, chopped nuts and traditional herbs. Bake this ‘dressing’ outside the turkey and you’ll truly enjoy a whole new taste without all of the carbs of bread.

Another idea is to replace the classic breaded stuffing with a side that is unique so that you can impress your friends and family, and their taste buds. Think about ingredients like squash, nuts, sausage, apples, and not to mention oysters. Use traditional stuffing spices to tie all of it together with your new side dish is going to be a definite hit. Generally, we think of soups and salads as appetizers, served prior to the main dish and sides. But, why don’t you go with a soup or salad as a side dish to serve in addition to your turkey or other main dish? Stock up on familiar fall ingredients and the flavors will be excellent for your holiday meal.

Why not make a thick, velvety pumpkin or squash soup to serve with your dinner? A hearty potato soup won’t have as many carbohydrates as would be in a serving of potatoes and gravy.

A salad loaded with fresh, healthy elements can potentially replace your classic veggie casserole or other carb-loaded vegetable side dish. Use crispy spinach and mixed vegetables with a lot of added greens, then toss in parmesan cheese along with other cheeses, and even several different thinly sliced hard sausages. Be sure to add fresh chopped fresh herbs to complete the holiday flavor palate.

It’s common to feel somewhat deprived if we don’t get to eat our most-liked holiday recipes. We might be disappointed to not have classic stuffing, or mashed potatoes and gravy. But, if we experiment with brand new side dish recipes and include entirely new ingredients, our taste buds will be so happy, we will never miss the old classics.

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Maintaining Low Carb Diet And Low Carb Concoctions

Carbohydrate reduced food and low carb recipes continue to become enjoyable and easier to prepare. As humans we tend to be tempted to grab that junk food more often than not. Learn to maintain your calories because it will involuntarily lower your carb intake and choosing healthier food choices also keeps those carbs in and weight down. Starch and cellulose are known carbs that are not healthy for individuals as it raises insulin and your blood sugar levels can rise very quickly, so make sure you only dabble in foods that are good carbs.

The in-taking of carbohydrates is a regular title that is used to convey an extensive bulk of ingredients in food. Cellulose and starch are part of intricate carbs that ranged from simple carbs which are mainly from sugars. Do not be fooled, however, simple carbs can also be inadequate carbs, so also steer clear away from carbohydrates that are not pertinent to your health decisions. This article will discuss unhealthy habits with carbs such as cellulose, starch and the effectiveness of in-taking good carbs.

For anyone considering a weight loss prevention note starch is as hazardous as sugar. Starch is a carbohydrate that can induce blood glucose and comes predominantly high in sugar levels and all starchy foods harbors lots of glycemic content. A difficult and complex line of sugars define what a starch is even more has been named the difficult one because of this. Most starchy foods are dissolved into sugar very rapidly after intake, so make a memo to ascertain your weight loss without starch foods.

Another carbohydrate that holds tight to glucose in a chain-like manners is cellulose. Digesting cellulose can cause a hazardous result due to the simple fact that human digestion is not built for dissolving the cellulose and partaking of it is not recommended. Also called a polysaccharides which is another fancy title for a carb entangled in glucose. So for health purposes do not eat any food with carbohydrate for it will result in an abnormal rate of glucose.

To make sure that you will not place your life on the line in any manner always make positive about what you are placing in your digestive system a rule. There are many choices accessible that you may participate in contrary to popular belief about different dietary assistance. Other than meals and nutrition there are other factors that take part in your dietary program those elements and facts that should be taken into consideration are exercise, your water intake, under eating, and many more.

One of the best low carb franchise business is Atkins and they pride themselves on serving satisfied customers daily with dietary needs to make recipes. Atkins have four main products that is promoted consistently called Atkins Advantage, Atkins Indulge, Atkins Daybreak, and Atkins Cuisine. This option is only available for those who feel they cannot commit totally with individual practice.

There are items that you can purchase for yourself, and with Atkins they are enjoyable. For the most part, your dietary needs begins with fish, eggs and green vegetables. Breaded meats are not a healthy choice, so make sure you count your calorie intake. Snacks that are available range from celery sticks to deviled eggs!

Simple understanding oh health choices and actions are what is most important when you explore different routes to losing weight. Various carbs are meant to be harmful to the human body and can be less than helpful so always be aware of products you are partaking and Atkins is always reliable. Other elements and factors of importance when dieting because of health issues is caution. So use your new found knowledge to make the best of yourself.

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No Carb Diet: The Advantages and Negative Effects

No carb diet is becoming increasingly popular among people with the high risk diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney problems. A no carb diet is a diet that has proteins and other nutrients and vitamins, but no carbohydrates. This kind of diet is not simple to adopt especially for those who were taking lots of carbohydrates and had developed preference for such food.

The reason why people are turning away from high carb diets is because they actually are the greatest cause of overweight. Someone on high carb food is more likely to become overweight than even someone taking fatty foods. This is because, on taking carbohydrates, our bodies readily convert them into fats and glucose.

Carbohydrates are also known to increase the amount of sugar in the blood. The body?s reaction to increased blood sugar levels is to trigger insulin production from the pancreas in order to regulate the glucose level. This will cause further deposit and reduce burning of the body fats. One may also feel hungry faster and if they take more high carbohydrate food, the whole cycle will be repeated. At the end, that person is likely to become obese.

Although it might be a challenge for a beginner to start no carb diet, this diet has numerous benefits. As a matter of fact, one does not need much time on this healthy diet before they realize how simple it is to stick by. If you are the one who keep on counting the calories you have taken, this diet could be the best thing to turn to.

Dizziness, nausea and sometimes headaches could result from changing to no carb diet. These uncomfortable feelings are common during the early stages of changing to this diet as the energy levels are low due to reduced carbohydrates. These bad feelings are however short lived and after a successful adaptation of the body to the new diet, one will enjoy an improved bowel movement, a regulated level of blood sugar and an increase in energy.

There is something worth taking note of when it comes to no carb foods if you are a woman. Within the first few days of changing your diet, there might be changes in your menstrual flow. This is due to the fact that the body is adjusting to the change of diet. Once the body is adapted to this new diet, the menstrual flow will become normal and less painful.

Here is an important tip for all people seeking to start on no carb diet. In the first few days, make sure you take more water than usual and have enough rest. You should also remember that being on a diet without carbs does not mean you will always go hungry.

Our body relies mostly on carbs for its energy. An abrupt switch to a no carb diet is consequently bound to cause serious consequences.Go to Low Carb Recipes website for more information.

5 Things You Can Do to Reverse Pre Diabetes

You can reverse pre diabetes by making 5 healthy changes to the way you live. Once you learn more about diabetes and do what you need to do to reverse it, you will never have to deal with it again. The sad thing is that until people have their blood tested, they could be living as a pre diabetic and not even know it. If you go for your yearly check-up and your doctor tells you that your blood tests show that you are pre diabetic, the first thing you will want to do is to make some changes, because if you don’t, you could end up with type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is not as easy to manage as pre diabetes. Most type 2 diabetics need to take medication throughout the day to help them manage their blood sugar levels. And, if they are not diligent about managing their blood sugar they could eventually find themselves needing to do insulin injections before each meal. People taking insulin need to pay extremely close attention to what they eat and how much activity they are involved in so that they do not suddenly find their sugar levels going to low, which could cause a diabetic coma. The good news is that you can prevent all of that by simply making 5 easy changes to your current lifestyle.

5 Changes You Can Make to Reverse Pre Diabetes

If you have been diagnosed with pre diabetes what can you do to reverse pre diabetes symptoms and avoid dealing with all the issues talked about earlier? Below are 5 ways you can reverse pre diabetes and return your body to a healthy state.

1. Follow Dr. Neal D Barnard’s instructions on how to reverse pre diabetes with a diet plan. This low fat vegetarian diet gives your body the nutrients it needs and is very satisfying, but it does not contain the problems causing your diabetes like condition.

2. Switch to a low carb diet like Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution Diet. Low carb diets do not mean high fat and protein rich. They mean nutrient based.

3. Get exercise and lose some weight. There is simply no better way to avoid the development of diabetes than to cut off the weight. This gives your body a fighting chance. The good news is these diets can help you to do just that.

4. Pump up the nutrients heading into your body. You can do this easily with a multivitamin along with supplements known to actually work against pre diabetes, including cinnamon, vanadium and chromium.

5. Try natural treatments. Try taking herbs such as gymnema and bitter melon. These herbs will increase your blood flow and improve your digestion.

By making changes to what you eat, exercising and losing weight, you can begin to relax knowing that you are on your way to reversing your pre diabetes condition. The key point is that you start immediately.

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